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Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz Sphere

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Are you ready to experience the pure and unbridled beauty of Rose quartz? Look no further than this stunning 7.9-pound sphere from Brazil, measuring at a whopping 5.1 inches in diameter. This piece is not only visually striking, but it's also ethically sourced, ensuring that you can indulge in its healing powers with a clear conscience. Rose quartz is known for its ability to promote love, compassion, and self-care, making it an essential addition to any crystal collection.

With this magnificent sphere in your home, you'll feel a sense of peace and serenity like never before. According to legend, rose quartz was created by the god of love, Cupid, who poured his love into a stone to make it pink and imbue it with the power of love. Rose quartz is known as the "stone of unconditional love" because it is believed to promote self-love and acceptance, as well as compassion and empathy for others.

Chakra: Rose quartz is most commonly associated with the heart chakra, which is located in the center of the chest. This chakra is responsible for our ability to give and receive love, compassion, and empathy. When the heart chakra is balanced and open, we are able to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, experience greater emotional stability, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Rose quartz is believed to help balance this chakra, as it encourages us to release negative emotions and embrace self-love and acceptance. It is also said to support the healing of physical and emotional wounds related to love and relationships.


  • Ethically Sourced in Brazil
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs. / 3600 g.
  • Size: 5.1 in. / 130 mm
Disclaimers and notes:
  1. Crystals are natural, and therefore may have variations in color, shape, and texture. This is normal and does not indicate a defect or quality issue with the crystal.
  2. The properties and benefits of crystals are based on centuries of anecdotal evidence and spiritual practice, but are not scientifically proven. Results may vary from person to person.
  3. Crystals should not replace medical advice or treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. If you have a medical condition or are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort, please consult your doctor before using crystals.
  4. The information provided about each crystal is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a guarantee of any specific outcome.
  5. Some crystals may be toxic if ingested, exposed to water, or handled improperly. Keep all crystals out of reach of children and pets, and do not use them in food or drink preparation.
  6. Crystals should be cleansed and charged regularly to maintain their energetic properties. Your personal beliefs and methods of cleansing and charging may differ from those recommended by our company.
  7. Please use caution when burning this candle and never leave it unattended.
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